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About Brendynamics

Paul's About brainWe discover new things daily about the brain. What we thought last decade or even last year is being replaced by newly discovered information on a regular basis. From Brendynamics, I like to report the latest innovative approaches in brain physiology and technology.

The brain is a remarkable organ, and has yet to be completely mapped out by neuroscientists. The articles you’ll find within Brendynamics are attempting to give perspectives that maybe you haven’t had before, and perhaps some reports that may even surprise you.

I don’t want to imply that I am a scientist or neurotherapists with medical degrees covering my walls, but like you, I am interested in brain health. While working with Seniors in a volunteer position for seven years, I witnessed several people drop out of this world mentally long before they were ready to go physically. This has spurred me to continue this blog page and inform others of the progresses and alternative avenues that can be taken, or at least entertained when considering brain dynamics.

With the elevating number of brain disorders hitting every culture mostly in the form of dementia and Alzheimers we have all become painfully aware of how important brain health is to ourselves and the populous. Brain disorders that have more name recognition such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson have seen their numbers go down, while cognitive functioning diseases have made a drastic impact on charts with their numbers on an upward climb.

This article site is about bringing good news – interesting news with some basic care tips to keep our brains robust and serving us until death do we part. Brain exercises, evidence based methodologies and tools that are now available are featured within Brendynamics’ pages and I hope you enjoy the read.