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Meditation and The Brain

Paul's brain on meditationThe brain reacts to and absorbs the stimuli it is presented. When for a period of time, we turn-off the input, reduce the stimuli and go into a meditative state, we give the brain a rest. The brain is always on whether we are actively engaged or mindlessly watching a movie.

Quieting the mind through meditation is like consciously taking your thoughts on a luxury transportation ride in a stretch limo, relaxing by turning off brain activity but without losing touch with reality. It puts the meditator in a state of stillness where incitement from outside is met without attachment of thought. In the East, the birthplace of meditation, the end game is to reach a state of bliss referred to as Samadhi.

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Food For Thought

Paul's food for thought V2Do you eat for brain health? Most people eat to satisfy hunger, get energy or for the pure pleasure. Not bad reasons, after all eating is one of the most enjoyable pastimes as humans we get to partake in.

But what are the results of our diets on our cognitive processes and long term brain purpose? Whether you work for a plumbers union or you’re in a specialized medical field, you don’t equate what you have for lunch with fluidity of brain function.

We cater to our appetites more than the future health of our brains, and never is it more evident than in the growing numbers of Alzheimer and dementia cases worldwide.

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Brain Science, Creating Your Reality

create own realityWe are all affected by what we experience on a daily basis. Even if you’re living under a bridge, your brain is reacting to outside stimuli moment by moment. Brain re-activity is not excluded to only those who are informed or in-the-know.

Any big idea that is held in the collective consciousness of the planet creates a physical atmosphere within the brain to accommodate the idea. It is not necessary to agree with the idea at large, but to allow yourself to review and create something useful from it. It might become a strong feeling similar to what you would feel if you were riding in a limo service Dayton Ohio that has all the fixings. In fact belief is a few steps down the line when viewing what happens to the brain when initially introduced to a fun concept.

Any big idea will actually grow dendrites (connective pathways) in important parts of the brain, with or without our permission to do so. Scientists have discovered that big ideas like peace, compassion, love make for a better brain. Ideas can increase memory and consciousness or can increase or decrease anxiety, depression or anger.

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Right brain individuals are attributed with intuitive thinking and more emotional reasoning which guides most of their decisions throughout the day. While those folks considered predominantly left brain are more sequential thinkers, time-oriented, calculating types. Of course most people are a little of both, but we all have a predisposition to one side or the other.

Our brains like to learn and in a very specific way. As we discover more about right and left brain activities, we’ve come to understand the benefits of merging the best of both worlds. Neurosculpting works by integrating the two sides of the brain. It’s like hiring the best towing service St Louis MO can provide to pull more intellectual weight by balancing the two sides which results in clearer thinking and less stress.

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