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Brain Science, Creating Your Reality

create own realityWe are all affected by what we experience on a daily basis. Even if you’re living under a bridge, your brain is reacting to outside stimuli moment by moment. Brain re-activity is not excluded to only those who are informed or in-the-know.

Any big idea that is held in the collective consciousness of the planet creates a physical atmosphere within the brain to accommodate the idea. It is not necessary to agree with the idea at large, but to allow yourself to review and create something useful from it. It might become a strong feeling similar to what you would feel if you were riding in a limo service Dayton Ohio that has all the fixings. In fact belief is a few steps down the line when viewing what happens to the brain when initially introduced to a fun concept.

Any big idea will actually grow dendrites (connective pathways) in important parts of the brain, with or without our permission to do so. Scientists have discovered that big ideas like peace, compassion, love make for a better brain. Ideas can increase memory and consciousness or can increase or decrease anxiety, depression or anger.

Fear has been recorded to show actual brain destruction. Brain scans showing individuals who are about to lose money in an on-line video game illustrate how the building material connectors, dendrites are disrupted and lost. The brain is building or loosing structure and function on a continual basis. A single idea can actually change the composition and utility of the brain.

So what is the effect of all of this in our daily life?

Being aware of the pathways, an idea or newly introduced concept taken into the brain comes with the ability to have conscious choice. Initially information is taken in through the frontal lobes, this idea or impression is then sent to the thalamus – grand central station. This is where the meaning of what is going on is translated by the brain into reasoning. One of the functions of the thalamus is to tell the brain what it thinks is going on in the world around you.

It may send the information to any number of different parts of the brain for further processing. For example, the thalamus may send the information the the occipital lobe where you can create a vision of what you want to bring into the world. The information is then sent to the parietal lobe in the back of the brain. In this area of the brain we conceive a notion of who we are. Maybe you could call it the seat of the ego.

Meditation and constructing our reality.

The construct of who we are is held as an idea within the tissues of the brain. Studies have shown that we can manipulate those constructs to behave a certain way. When you meditate on an idea the results is; the notion of you begins to disappear and is replaced with the constructs of the idea, whatever you are meditating about. Your ego is no longer front and center, but instead takes a back seat to the big idea to which you are directing your attention.

So if you are focusing on peace, peace becomes your inner and outer reality. It has been shown that with consistent practice in as little as only 8 weeks your reality can be changed to the point of reference of your focused attention. The constant direction of attention on peace, compassion, love or even negative feelings like fear, worry or anxiety becomes habitual by replacing other thoughts or ideas. It becomes your reality.

Science has now proven that if you want to change your reality by concentrating on something for forty-five to fifty minutes a day you can live with a new, chosen reality. It’s your choice to create a healthy brain with positive input or to feed negative flow to the thalamus which then sends the information to the occipital lobe then to the parietal lobe where eventually a mind view is constructed as your reality.

So the next time you hear; “we create our own reality’, it’s not metaphysical hubbub or the mantra of an East Indian guru, it is scientific fact.

What do you know about creating your own reality? Leave a comment below and tell me when you were aware of bringing a chosen reality into real time manifestation.